The biggest candidate there is for decluttering

When any situation becomes unmanageable, decluttering is a good initial approach to sorting it out. Decluttering can become a passion or obsession and a great generator of waste: those who purge their wardrobes of anything they haven’t worn in the past X months and so on.

We can apply the same principles to our nation and its structures to excellent effect and that is where this blog category is heading.

In number one spot as a decluttering catergory is our country’s legal system. We have laws that date back for centuries to say nothing of the new ones being enacted by Parliament, the regulations declared by Ministers of the Crown, others developed by local government and the flood from the EEC.

Add to that the evolution of interpretion through Case Law, the decisions of Courts that have led to modifications of earlier rulings or those of lesser authority and you have such a mess of contradictions that arguments could rage until the sun cools to a red dwarf.

There is no ‘rule book’, nor even an encyclopaedia that encompases that legal heritage. There are libraries of documents scattered throughout the nation, recorded on every medium from quill on parchment to the latest mega database servers.

I would challenge any person to swear categorically that they have never broken the law, because it is beyond the capabilities of any individual to know all the legislation that could affect them. So the chances are that unwittingly you have probably contravened some archaic or contemporary regulation. That is a most disconcerting realisation for anyone who prides themselves on their absolute honesty and integrity.

That should be sufficent justification for a national spring clean of laws and regulations but there are other considerations.

Regulators, be they the police or some other body given powers of enforcement with sanctions to apply, simply do not have the capacity to apply that vast body of rules. Frankly they just cannot know all of them. If any system lacks the capability to apply its disciplines then it earns cynicism, disrespect and even contempt in every quarter.

There is no point in waiting any longer – our system of law and enforcement is overloaded beyond any sensible measure. It is time to plan how to declutter this over-complex system.

This is a topic that will crop up time and again in this category and in Radical Ideas as more detailed consideration is applied.