What is fighting actually doing?

Any person who cares about their country wants to support the armed forces who are the ultimate protection against foes, current or future, but are our defence forces being used inappropriately on the territories of other countries. Is the cost, in terms of human lives and national resources a price worth paying and is there another approach to achieve better results? Continue reading

The ultimate disposable political party

The failure of our party-political system to cope with the demands of government have become all too apparent over several decades now. As the policy makers are hardly going to vote themselves out of office by changing the basis on which they are elected, it is time to establish a new dominant but elected grouping that has only one objective: changing the machinery of representation. Continue reading

A series of hard landings

The world has already seen national flag carriers in the airline industry being absorbed by operators from other countries and that trend is bound to accelerate as the effects of recession escalate. Losses during 2008 are estimated by Iata at over ten billion dollars and they have just revised their forecast for 2009 in the upward direction. Continue reading