Drive-away talent

So, 100,000 teachers have quite Brtain to work abroad – well done our politicians – junior doctors next.

The teaching brain drain is worsening, according to a report from the Chief Inspector of Oftsed. Sir Michael Wilshaw.

He quoted figures saying more teachers left the UK (18,000) than completed post graduate training (17,000) in the past year.

Successive governments have so messed up the education system with choppy-change headline-grabbing “We know how to fix things” upheavals that the teacher’s lot has not become just unhappy but untenable. Development of young minds has been replaced by obsession with metrics.

Applying inaccurate measurements, Jeremy Hunt has another obsession – a 7 day full on hospital service and the mistaken belief that the obstacle is the Junior Doctors. He is determined to impose his contract conditions on them.

Apart from the planned strikes, far greater damage has already been done because the numbers of junior doctors leaving the UK has escalated rapidly and the queue for the exit grows with every day.

If he was half as savvy as his ‘opponents’, he would realise that having hospitals full of Junior Doctors at the weekends is a total waste unless every other department they rely on – from nursing to physiotherapy to every other specialist – is also working at full complement.